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Scrap Car Collection

Do you have a car that is beyond repair and ready for the scrap heap? Then contact Bath Recovery to arrange a reliable and professional disposal service. And it’s not just cars we collect. You’d be surprised at the wide selection of scrap we have collected from customers in the past. To find out the full range of disposal options for your vehicle, contact our team today by phone or email for further details.

Vehicle Disposal Services

When it comes to scrapping your vehicle, there are many rules and regulations which you’ll need to take into account when organising its disposal. Whether it’s reached the end of its useful life or been damaged beyond repair in a road traffic accident, disposing of a vehicle is no longer as simple as taking it to the local scrapyard. Luckily, our scrap vehicle specialists can offer you professional support to help you cut through the red tape of any documentation you’re required to address.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, our team will help carry out any paperwork required for the process. Furthermore, we will notify the DVLA so that you are given complete reassurance on the status of your vehicle. No matter where it may end up, we aim to make the whole disposal process as simple and stress free as possible. So, contact us today to book a collection. Our fully licensed operator will then arrange a collection date which suits you and your schedule.

Salvage & Recycling

Whether you’re based in Bath or further afield, our recovery team is available to collect your scrap vehicles across the region. No matter where you need it collected from. This includes roadside recoveries, business premises or your home address. Call us now to book a collection, and receive a free no-obligation quote.

End Of Life Collections

If you have a vehicle which has reached a state beyond repair, then get in touch to arrange a collection. We will take care of any paperwork that needs filing for your ELV, including notifying the DVLA, before organising the transportation of your property to the nearest Authorised Treatment Facility. For more information, feel free to speak with our staff over the phone or by email.

Call Now To Arrange A Collection

Speak with our staff today by phone or email to discuss your vehicle disposal needs in more detail.

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