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Breakdown Advice: What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down


It is essential you know what to do in the event of a breakdown and how to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Having a breakdown can be stressful, but being prepared with some basic tips may help you handle the situation more effectively. Read our guide and learn what to do if you ever find yourself broken down and in need of assistance.

Please note, this guide is not suitable for vehicles which break down on the motorway or dual carriageway. Contact our team for specific advice about motorway breakdowns.

1. Be Aware

Being aware of the signs that your vehicle is impending breaking down will make it easier for you to pull over to safety. Your car will usually try to warn you of any issues by illuminating various warning lights, so it’s important to regularly glance at your dashboard whilst on your journey. If you are going to break down, your car may also make strange noises, lose momentum or become difficult to steer.

2. Make Yourself Visible

As soon as you realise your vehicle is struggling, switch on your indicator and pull over to the left. When it is safe to do so, position your vehicle as far off the road as you can and alert other road users that there is a problem by activating your hazard warning lights. If you are losing speed before you have reached a safe place to stop, switch on your hazard warning lights as soon as possible. Apply the handbrake before safely exiting your vehicle, and make sure to turn on the side lights if visibility is low. 

3. Contact a Breakdown Recovery Service

Once you have safely vacated your car, call for help. It’s sensible to have a recovery company’s telephone number or contact details to hand just in case your car breaks down on the road. You can keep this information in your car, a handbag, or wallet. We also recommend saving it to your mobile phone. Whilst you wait for help, make sure you are a good distance away from the road and any traffic. If possible, contact friends or family to alert them of the situation and your location.

4. Don’t Abandon Your Car

If you need to leave your car to get help, find a mobile signal, or move to further safety, you are within your rights to do so, however if you completely abandon your broken down vehicle for an extended period of time, you may be breaking the law. If your chosen breakdown recovery service cannot get your car up and running, they may be able to help transport the vehicle to your house or local garage.

5. Keep Calm

Running into problems on the road can feel overwhelming, but knowing what to do if your car breaks down may help to make you feel more in control. If you do find yourself in the midst of a breakdown, try to avoid panicking, and focus on getting to a safe location as soon as possible. Contacting a recovery service may also help to calm any anxiety as you can be assured that help is on the way.

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